What is

Since its inception in 2001, BrainTools® has been steadfastly creating the methodologies and tools needed to help give rise to the limitless potential in every child.

Since its inception in 2001, BrainTools® has been steadfastly creating the methodologies and tools needed to help give rise to the limitless potential in every child. BrainTools® is a highly specialized therapy center that is dedicated to developing children’s learning capacity using scientifically based clinical tools and therapeutic practices supported by the latest research in neuroscience, speech and language pathology, and educational psychology.

A tool is something that helps us perform tasks with greater ease and efficiency and facilitates the attainment of goals. At BrainTools® we create Tools for the Brain so that children learn how to learn and awaken a lifelong love of learning.

BrainTools® approaches learning from an integrative framework, and recognizes that oral language, cognitive, and executive control processes are mental tools that underlie our ability to read, write, and do math. When children lack the mental tools required to focus their attention, process information, remember and reflect, their capacity for learning is decreased. This has an immediate and cumulative impact on a child’s social emotional, communication, and academic development.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the social and academic outcomes for at-risk children and children with learning differences by steadfastly translating the latest research into practice, working in partnership with families and schools, and empowering children with the strategies that they need to reach their limitless potential.

Our mission is made possible through our unique ability to individualize assessment protocols and create child centered therapy programs that are integrative and reflect both strengths and weaknesses within and across speech, oral language, cognitive, executive, and written language domains.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be drivers of change in our local and international community by continuing to lead multidisciplinary conversations and serve as the interdisciplinary model for identifying, remediating, and supporting children with learning differences.

We envision a future where academic challenges are prevented from taking place and all children have the opportunity to be successful emotionally, socially, and academically.

Why choose

Why choose

At BrainTools® we recognize that each child has a unique developmental profile of strengths and weaknesses that contributes to their social emotional, communication, and academic development in different ways.

BrainTools® is comprised of a group of bilingual speech and language pathologists that understand how oral language, cognitive, and executive control processes interact and intersect with processes related to learning to read, write, and do math across developmental time. This allows us to tailor our assessments and design therapeutic intervention programs that meet the individual needs of each child so that their learning challenges are remediated. It also allows us to identify young children at risk of developing oral and written language delays and intervene early so that they do not experience future learning challenges.

Our assessment and therapy practices are grounded in an executive function model developed by our founder, Dr. Barbara Roca, as part of her doctoral dissertation. The strategies that stem from this model are concretized in a series of copyrighted illustrations that help make abstract learning processes and skills more concrete for children. Grounding our practices in an executive function framework helps children develop the self-awareness and self-regulating skills necessary to learn more effectively and generalize therapeutic gains into real-world settings.

Getting Started


Learn More with a Complimentary Consultation

Call or email us! Our clinical coordinator will collect preliminary information from you and set up a complimentary call with our clinical director. Our clinical director will help you map a way forward.


Schedule your First Session

Our therapeutic intervention programs begin with an assessment. We offer a variety of assessment paths and will personalize the assessment process for each child.


Have your Post-Testing Feedback Meeting

Once the assessment session/s are completed, our clinical coordinator will schedule a post testing feedback meeting with you so that we can review assessment findings, recommendations, proposed treatment plan, and coordinate a plan for home and school supports.


Start Treatment Sessions

Our clinical coordinator will coordinate your schedule with you. Our therapy plans are highly structured and involve the collection of both qualitative and quantitative data each session. This allows us to assess a child’s rate and response to intervention in real time and continually drive our therapy plans forward.


Check-Ins Every Step of the Way

It takes a village to raise a child is a well-known proverb that reminds us of the importance of community in helping children and families thrive. We believe that children’s outcomes are strengthened when we partner with families, schools, and professionals in our community. Our case management is conducted as a team, which allows us to draw from our collective experience and insight to assure quality of service for the children and families we serve.