BrainTools is a highly specialized center that is dedicated to developing children’s learning capacity using scientifically based clinical tools and practices supported by the latest research in neuroscience and education. Our mission is to create fluid and dynamic personalized therapeutic curriculums that reflect both strengths and weaknesses across cognitive, speech, oral language (listening and speaking) and written language (reading and writing) domains. Our assessment and therapy practices are contextualized in an executive function model that has been concretized in a series of copyrighted illustrations developed by our founder Dr. Barbara Roca. Grounding our practices in an executive function model helps children develop the self-awareness and self-regulating skills necessary to learn more effectively, and generalize therapeutic gains into real-world settings.

BrainTools is comprised of a group of bilingual speech and language pathologists that understand how cognitive, executive, linguistic, and reading processes interact in children learning to read across different languages. This allows us to tailor our assessment and intervention practices to meet the individual needs of each child so that their learning challenges are remediated. It also allows us to identify young children at risk of developing oral and written language delays and intervene early so that they do not experience learning challenges in an academic context. Our unique assortment of copyrighted self-regulatory strategies teaches children “how to learn” and helps them reach their cognitive potential. Each child’s unique developmental profile of strengths and weaknesses is ascertained through a series of customized clinical assessment measures. We work collaboratively with psychologists, neuropsychologists, and neurologists, and integrate their findings into our unique Interdisciplinary Developmental Profile (IDP). Based on this interdisciplinary understanding we creatively construct a personalized therapeutic curriculum to promote development across areas of weakness, as well as to foster continued growth in areas of strength.

Our group of intellectually curious, highly motivated individuals are driven to improve the outcomes for struggling learners.  We work in a collegiate atmosphere and routinely conduct independent research to drive innovation, and pilot our compilation of materials, strategies, and methodologies. We are also passionate about improving professional practices and routinely share our knowledge with professionals in local and international settings through our collaborative interactions and professional development programs.


Dr. Barbara Barcelo-Roca earned her Doctoral degree in Education (Ed.D) from Nova Southeastern University. She also holds a Bachelors degree (B.A.) in Psychology, and a Masters degree (M.S.) in Speech and Language Pathology. She is certified as a Speech-Language Pathologist by the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA). She is also certified as a Relationship Development (RDI) Program Consultant and is trained in PROMPT (Prompts for Restructuring Oral Motor Phonetic Targets). She is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Dr. Roca has more than 20 years experience working with children with learning disabilities. Her areas of interest relate to how cognitive and oral language development, in both monolingual and bilingual populations, relate to literacy outcomes.  She specializes in creating clinically mediated curriculum that is interdisciplinary in nature and that integrates executive functions into instructional objectives related to the development of speech, language, reading and writing. Dr. Roca specializes in bilingual language development and works with American Schools all over the world. She has presented papers, research findings, and professional development seminars at both the national and international level.



Comprehensive Assessments
Assessment pricing depends on the testing battery and begin at a rate of $900. They include the administration of standardized, norm referenced tests, a written report, and a post-testing feedback session.

Speech & Language Therapy
Sessions are billed at a rate of $150 per hour.

Home School Curriculum’s and Professional Development Seminars
Available upon request.


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