Individually Customized Interventions

Intervention programs are customized based on each child’s learning and developmental profile. We have a team of experienced professionals that collaborate across a wide array of developmental areas to implement interventions that are:

• Researched based
• Multisensory
• Explicit
• Systematic
• Intensive
• Data Driven

Therapeutic goals are evaluated and modified each session based on the child’s response to intervention. Our clinicians have training and experience in a vast array of clinically researched and evidenced-based programs and intervention practices. This allows us to draw from an extensive body of knowledge to effectively modify our teaching practices and intervention targets to fit the individual needs of the child every step of the way. Our intervention programs are also implemented as a team, allowing us to teach overlapping concepts and processes in a variety of ways to assure mastery and carry over. We collaborate closely with schools so that adequate supports are in place and academic content is frontloaded into our clinical frameworks, thus increasing competency in the classroom setting.

Comprehensive Assessments

Our intervention programs begin with a comprehensive assessment that evaluates speech, language, and academic development, as well as the underlying cognitive processes that are responsible for learning and integrating new information. We work together with a team of psychologists in our community so that neuro-psychological, psycho-developmental and psycho-educational findings are integrated into our assessment frameworks and findings. This allows us to understand the unique strengths and weaknesses of each child and facilitates the creation of the learning and developmental profile required to customize a prescriptive intervention program.

Assessment pricing depends on the testing battery and begin at a rate of $600. They include the administration of standardized, norm referenced tests, a written report, and a post-testing feedback session.